Productions to watch online

Iyalode of Eti (The Duchess of Malfi) by John Webster

A unique West African transposition of one of the greatest dramas ever written, John Webster’s The Duchess of Malfi.

Available to watch from 27 Feb 2021 09:00 until 28 Feb 2030 12:00


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Entitles you to the full video.

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"The Black Hermit" by Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o - A Rehearsed Reading

A rehearsed reading of this classic play from Kenya, streaming online via zoom.

Livestream Link Available: March 20th 6 pm

Livestream Start: March 21st 6 pm - 8pm

Recording Available: March 22nd - April 22nd

Available to watch from 22 Mar 2021 12:00 until 21 Apr 2021 12:00

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Creative Hub Rehearsed Reading - Son of the Nile (A play for young people and all those young at heart) by Afeif Ismail. Co-transcreated from Arabic By Vivienne Glance and Afeif Ismail

Watch our rehearsed reading of the Sudanese play with our team of talented performers and creatives.

Available to watch from 25 Apr 2021 18:00 until 25 May 2021 12:00

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Paul Robeson’s Love Song

An audio play (with images) by Tayo Aluko
Directed by Olusola Oyeleye.
Recorded online during lockdown

While clearing out their late mother’s belongings in August 2020, two siblings discover a package containing a record, suggesting a possible romantic link between their grandmother and Paul Robeson, dating back to 1949.

Contains some racist and anti-Semitic language.

Available to watch from 10 Apr 2021 07:00


Paul Robeson's Lovesong - Show Price

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