What is African Theatre to your Home?

At Utopia Theatre, we pride ourselves on being a leading voice for African Theatre across the world. African Theatre to your Home is bringing that voice to an online streaming space.

With performance recordings, live online events, video classes and courses, recorded wisdom from leading voices in African Theatre, and much more, African Theatre to your Home aims to provide a vast body of work to suit anyone. Whether you are an avid theatre fan looking to find a performance to watch at home, a student or developing creative looking to develop your skillsets, or an educational institution looking to infuse African Theatre and Storytelling into your curriculum, African Theatre to your Home has the content for you. Additionally, with a range of content at a range of prices, we're dedicated to ensuring you can find something within your budget.

With each purchase, you will be doing your part in supporting the development of this underrepresented art form and help ensure that African artists and creatives are getting work and being represented on the international stage. You can even donate to Utopia Theatre through African Theatre to your Home as well, and give that extra support to the charity's efforts.